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About Us

Welcome to “Welded Cases.com”, a website of OHKITA SEISAKUSYO specializing in laser welding and metal working. OHKITA SEISAKUSYO is a Japanese company that was established in 1977 as a manufacturing company for battery cell components. Our welding technology without the use of drawing dies allows us to achieve cost efficient, high quality and quick delivery of Lithium battery-cell cases.

Our policy

Sincerity Technique Enthusiasm
To act according to our conscience, think earnestly and place value on caring about others. To make a constant effort, build our skills, and improve our abilities. To perform creative jobs all the time. To face any jobs with bravery no matter how difficult it is and to have the guts and ambition to accomplish them.

Our philosophy

You can fool others but you can’t fool yourself.Let’s face everything with sincerity and creativity.

Company Information

Established May 25, 1977
Capital 15,000,000 yen
Representatives Chairman: Masakazu Ohkita
President: Koji Ohkita
Employees 46
Nearest stations 15 minute-walk from JR “Shimamoto” Station; 10 minute-walk from Hankyu “Minase” Station
Shimamoto Factory 1-3-8 Egawa,Shimamoto-cho,Mishima-gun,Osaka,618-0013
TEL: +81-75-961-4335
FAX: +81-75-962-4036


OHKITA SEISAKUSYO - Shimamoto Factory
1-3-8 Egawa, Shimamoto-cho, Mishima-gun, Osaka, 618-0013


Main Business

Main Business
Main Business

OHKITA SEISAKUSYO specializes in laser welding and metal working, as its main business. It offers fabrication by welding without the use of drawing dies for products. Replacing deep drawing processing with welding using our high technical skills, allows us to achieve low-cost, high-quality, and quick delivery product making.



OHKITA SEISAKUSYO has gained trust from many corporations and state institutions including defense organizations and laboratories, The company and has been regularly receiving orders from them. It has five unique advantages; “low cost”, “high quality”, “quick delivery”, “high moral”, and “abundant rich humanity” enabling us to provide quality products, having quick response capabilities, etc.

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